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When the Best Laid Plans Go Awry: The Case for Persistent Visibility

Posted by Sarah McAuley on Jul 29, 2014 7:00:00 AM

An old colleague of mine once likened energy management to a balanced diet. Sure, you can crash diet before your 15-year reunion to dazzle people with your amazing physique, but if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle, improve your energy levels, and live a longer, happier life, a healthy diet and regular exercise must be part of the ongoing routine. The same is true for energy management. Good energy management is an ongoing process, not a discrete event or project. The most efficient buildings will drift and the most optimized operational plans need ongoing review to ensure that savings are achieved and preserved over time.

Because I’m a big believer in “show, not tell,” I wanted to share two recent examples of customers that have used our energy intelligence software (EIS) to help define best practice operating conditions and monitor their results to ensure those best practices were followed. (Spoiler alert: they weren’t.)

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Cool Under Pressure: How Cold Storage and Grocery Leaders Use Energy Intelligence Software to Cut Energy Spending

Posted by Christopher Fiorello on Jul 18, 2014 7:00:00 AM

Everyone working in cold storage understands that maintaining safe temperatures is absolutely critical. Conversely, keeping food well-stored can rack up energy bills in no time, especially during hours of peak demand. As consumers, we put our health in the hands of these enterprises, and hold them to the same high standards regardless of factors like weather, operating hours or inventory levels. With summer’s fiercest months about to impact North America, we’re taking a moment to consider how the industry leaders balance quality assurance and manageable energy spend using detailed insight from EnerNOC’s energy intelligence software (EIS).

More than 250 supermarket chains and cold storage facilities rely on EnerNOC to help optimize their energy use, including some of the most trusted names in the industry, from Stop and Shop to Associated Wholesale Grocers, Whole Foods, Four Seasons Produce, and Great Lakes Cold Storage.

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Redefining Energy Intelligence: Why I Joined the EnerNOC Team

Posted by Christopher Fiorello on Jul 16, 2014 7:00:00 AM

A few weeks ago, a colleague of mine popped into my office and said, “I have someone you need to meet.” At the time, we were looking for a new copywriter to join our team. I said, “Great, let’s schedule some time for us to grab coffee.” She replied: “One problem: he’s working in Lebanon for a non-profit and hasn’t moved back to the States yet.” Not one to let a mere 5,431 miles get in the way, we connected with Chris through the wonders of modern technology and were blown away by how much he embodied the three EnerNOC core attributes: Bright, Relentless, and Good. His passion for the challenges our customers face, his intellectual curiosity about the evolving energy management landscape, and his willingness to jump on a plane and relocate his life in a matter of a few short days so he didn’t miss out on our latest product launch drove home that we had found ourselves a valuable new team member. So with that, let me introduce the EnergySMART community to our newest copywriter who will be gracing these pages on a regular basis: Chris Fiorello. - Sarah McAuley, Director of Marketing Communications

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Predict Your Peak Demand and Lower Your Energy Bills

Posted by John duPont on Jul 11, 2014 7:30:00 AM

What could you do with day-ahead notification of peak demand charges?

Whether you’re in a deregulated market where peak demand charges can account for up to 30% of your bill or are in a regulated market where a higher peak demand often translates to a higher rate class, managing peak demand and adjusting when you use energy is a great way to drive savings for your organization.

To make peak demand more manageable, we believe facility managers need to be able to answer four key questions about their energy usage:

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One Energy Manager's Take on Energy Intelligence Software

Posted by Thalia Pascalides on Jun 16, 2014 7:00:00 AM

"If you can’t see it, you don’t know you’re using it." - James C. Urbanski, Energy Manager

We talk to a lot of energy managers. And what we hear over and over again is that 30-day-old utility bill information just doesn't cut it anymore when it comes to figuring where and how to reduce costs. By the time they get the bill, the money's already been spent.

James C. Urbanski, Energy Manager for the Wicomico County Board of Education in Maryland, wanted to stop that passive cycle of not knowing where energy was going. With help from EnerNOC's energy intelligence software (and the demand response payments from EnerNOC that helped pay for it), Urbanski got a new window into his real-time energy metering data that helped him spot energy waste and priortize where to take action across his portfolio of school facilities.

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Peak Demand Charges Got You Down? Check Out Our Free Guide

Posted by Robin Deliso on Jun 6, 2014 7:00:00 AM

Peak demand charges can comprise up to 30% of energy bills. The good news is that managing demand charges is one of the simplest ways to tame those energy bills.

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Customer Spotlight: John A. Logan College Lowers Energy Costs in 3 Steps

Posted by Thalia Pascalides on Jun 2, 2014 7:00:00 AM

There's nothing worse than having a big, fat utility bill take you by surprise. About a year ago, that was the norm for Tim Gibson, the Coordinator of Sustainability and Building Systems at John A. Logan College (JALC). “We would get our bill, and collectively, we would gasp," Gibson told us. "Then someone would turn off a light here and there – and we thought that was ‘managing' energy. We knew we were falling very, very short."

A better plan was in order. With support from JALC’s new president, Gibson and his team took a step back and created a plan to address the 3 key drivers of energy spend: 1) how they bought energy, 2) how much they used, and 3) when they used it. The results? JALC’s energy costs are down 11% one year later. This post examines the plan they followed.

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5 Energy Management Challenges – and Opportunities – for Campuses and Commercial Buildings

Posted by Sarah McAuley on May 29, 2014 7:00:00 AM

There are some aspects of energy management that all energy managers in conditioned space can understand, but commercial office buildings and school campuses in particular share several similar opportunities and challenges worth calling out. This post outlines five of them  and our advice for how to address each one in an actionable way.

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Master the Fundamentals: Demand Response and Demand Management

Posted by Robin Deliso on May 15, 2014 7:00:00 AM

Understanding the costs behind when you use energy is critical to optimizing your energy management efforts. Today’s post talks about when you use energy as the last in a series that explains how taking control of the 3 main energy cost drivers – how you buy energy, how much energy you use, and when you use energy – unlocks value in a way that’s not possible when you address them in silos. If you haven’t been following along, start by reading my first post on the fundamentals.

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Are You Ready? Avoid These 5 Common Demand Response Dispatch Mistakes

Posted by Thalia Pascalides on May 7, 2014 4:00:00 PM

How much you earn from demand response (DR) participation depends a lot on how well your facilities perform against their energy reduction targets when dispatches are called. So how can you ensure that you and your team are set up for success? I sat down with Gates Sanford, EnerNOC's Manager of Dispatch Operations, to chat about some of the common mistakes our customers make during dispatches, and how you can avoid them (hint: have you logged into EnerNOC lately?).

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Sarah McAuley

Sarah's been bleeding EnerNOC blue for the last seven years as the Director of Marketing Communications. Prior to joining the team, she worked in the telecom industry, trying to convince telecom carriers to ditch antiquated switching technology and adopt voice-over-IP. She knows that uber-regulated industries like telecom and energy can have their challenges, but she's always loved being in the throes of an industry undergoing massive transformation.

Robin Deliso

As EnerNOC's Corporate Communications Manager, Robin works to build our brand in any way she can, which includes contributing to the blog and finding creative ways to tell the world about the company. She moved to Boston after several years in Washington, DC, and an adventure in Arkansas and has built a career in the sweet spot where marketing, sustainability and communications intersect.

Kirstyn Knox

As EnerNOC's resident Inbound Marketing Specialist, Kirstyn spends her days spreading the word about how EnerNOC is helping to change the way the world uses energy. Based in Boston, Kirstyn is passionate about building a brand that uses data to make business decisions with a positive impact on the environment.

Thalia Pascalides

As Content Marketing Manager, Thalia strives to deliver valuable, relevant information that helps energy managers become heroes in their everyday jobs. Thalia is a 7+ year EnerNOC veteran but a recent transplant to the west coast hub in San Francisco, where she’s inspired everyday by how technology is revolutionizing our world.