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Energy Intelligence Team

The Energy Intelligence team provides talent and knowledge to our customers by making the complexity of energy management simple.


Energy Procurement Insights for June 2017: See What's Driving Prices in Your Region

In our monthly energy market commentary, EnerNOC's Energy Intelligence Team provides in-depth analysis on trends and new developments in specific regions.

July Gas Contract Dips Below $3 for First Time Since February: What to Know This Week

In this week's energy market update, our experts break down how businesses can capitalize on a recent drop in NYMEX natural gas prices.

President Trump Expected to Withdraw US from Paris Climate Accord: What to Know This Week

With recent reports claiming President Trump will withdraw the US from the Paris Agreement to curb climate change, our weekly update focuses on how energy markets might react.

Power Prices Spike on Brief May Heat Wave: What to Know About Energy Markets This Week

Unexpectedly high temperatures drove a sudden spike in power prices across several regions this month. Learn more with this week's energy market update.

Following a Near 6-Month High, NYMEX June Natural Gas Prices Drop: What to Know This Week

This week's energy market update focuses on the factors driving fluctuations in natural gas pricing.

Google's Renewable Energy Push Could Shake Up Nevada's Electricity Market: What to Know This Week

Google is seeking to join a growing trend that could result in the de-regulation of Nevada's electricity market. Learn more with our energy experts' market update for this week.

FERC Faces State Proposals Challenging Status Quo of Competitive Energy Markets: What to Know This Week

This week's energy market update evaluates how emerging state-level policy initiatives could disrupt the competitive electricity market.

Market Fundamentals Suggest Downside Pressure on Natural Gas Pricing: What to Know This Week

This week's energy market update looks at the factors influencing pricing in the natural gas market.

Natural Gas Storage Levels End Withdrawal Season Near 10-Year Highs: What to Know This Week

See how high natural gas storage levels could affect energy prices with this week's market update.

US Energy Sector Decreased CO2 Emissions in 2016: What to Know About Energy Markets This Week

Our energy experts break down what a decrease in energy-related carbon emissions says about the energy markets.